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I went all the way to Saudi Arabia to get a vital organ removed from my body, and I blogged about it. When that was all over, I decided to keep the blog going. Go here for the full explanation.

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May 21

Going Going, Back Back to Riyadh Riyadh

In 10 minutes, I’m embarking on the first leg of a journey to Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where I will donate a kidney to my dying father. That’s what this blog is about: me, my dad, a place and this thing that I’m doing. This life-altering, life-affirming thing. This huge thing for which I still couldn’t get my shit together early enough to not forget my fucking toothbrush.

Is it obvious that I’m exhausted? Were you one of my fellow passengers here at JFK gate B26, you would see that my eyes are bloodshot and ringed with darker than usual donuts of fluid. You might also hear the Balkan next me asking his roommate via cellphone to forge his endorsement on a $9,000 check he won while “gambling and shit.”

It’s been more than 20 years since I was blanketed under the heat and dust and religion of Saudi Arabia. I hope it’s changed for the better. I also hope I don’t see the Balkan there.

Wish me luck.

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